5 Tips on How to Announce Your Office Relocation

5 Tips on How to Announce Your Office Relocation

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It’s time to get ready for your move. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you and so many details to think about: what day is the big day, how much will it cost, who will be doing all the heavy lifting? But there’s one thing that shouldn’t fall through the cracks: announcing your office relocation.

The announcement of your upcoming office relocation is an exciting time for everyone! It’s a chance to show off the new space, introduce new employees to their environment, and give current employees the opportunity to be proud of where they work. That being said, it can also be stressful if not done correctly. Luckily, we’re here with 5 tips on how you can announce your office relocation as well as make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

Send an email to your colleagues with a brief message about the upcoming office move

A personalized email is a great way to let everyone know exactly what’s going on and when. It helps set expectations for the move, manage any fears about it, and communicate changes that may come with the relocation. You’ll want to include a link to your new office space, any changes that may happen as a result of the move (e.g., parking options), and anything else you think would be useful for colleagues to know about! This way, your employees can map out how they’re going to get to the new space and plan accordingly.

Don’t forget that you’ll want to notify everyone on staff, including regular contributors, freelancers, interns—everyone! These people may not be as close with you or your company as some of your full-time employees are so it’s important to include them in your announcement. You can even break this email up into various announcements to make sure that everyone gets the information they need at their own pace!

Create a social media post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn announcing the relocation 

Social Media Post for office relocation
Social Media is popular in terms of communication, utilize it when announcing office relocation.

Social media is one of the best ways to get in touch with colleagues or clients quickly. Why not use it to your advantage when announcing your office relocation? We recommend creating a single post that you can share across all platforms rather than creating separate posts for each network. This way, people don’t have to keep going back and checking their individual profiles to see if you’ve made an announcement!

Make sure that the message is clear and to the point. If your entire relocation plan takes up more than one post, consider adding a link at the bottom of each tweet or Facebook post so people can check out everything about it in full detail when they feel ready (just make sure not to spam your followers by linking to the same page over and over again!)

When sharing across social media, use hashtags that are relevant to your office relocation. A simple “office move” or even just the name of the new space will do! It’s also helpful to include something like #goodbyeparkinglot so people know exactly what you’re talking about. Make sure to monitor your social media accounts throughout the day on moving day so that you can answer any questions people may have and keep them updated!

Make sure to update all of your contact information so people can reach you easily after the move 

In addition to updating social media and email addresses, you’ll also want to make sure that your phone number is up-to-date. Failing to do so can result in missed calls from colleagues or clients trying to reach out with questions about the relocation! If people can’t find any of your contact information online (or if they’re having issues getting in touch with you on social media) they may just show up to the office on moving day. This can be inconvenient for your employees who are trying to get things ready before everyone arrives or it could even make them feel uneasy if someone unexpectedly walks through the door!

You’ll want people to know exactly where you’re located after an office relocation so make sure to update contact information as soon as you can! Highlight the best things about your new office space. People will be wondering what it looks like, where people are going to sit now that there’s a shift in the layout and other details. Be prepared to answer all of their questions and assure them that everything is going to be okay.

Your employees are your main priority during an office relocation, so make sure that they know you’re thinking about them! Let them know what’s happening and why it’s beneficial for the company as a whole (especially if there are any major changes coming up). This move should benefit everyone involved—even if some people might feel a little uncomfortable at first—and you want to make sure that everyone knows!

Send an announcement email to current customers and stakeholders at least two weeks before the relocation date

If your company has any clients or key stakeholders, you’ll want to make sure that they know about the upcoming office relocation ahead of time. This will give them plenty of time to get in touch with their questions and concerns so that it doesn’t come up during a meeting when no one is expecting it! We recommend sending an email at least two weeks before the relocation so there is plenty of time for them to process everything.

If you have a large customer base or your company regularly communicates with clients, consider sending out an email as soon as possible after the office move has been completed. People will be wondering what happened and how it affected everyone involved—and they probably have questions that need answering! Make sure to send out the email at least a few days after your employees have moved into their spaces and settled in.

If you’re moving to a new location, it’s important that everyone knows where they’re going! There might be people who need directions or aren’t familiar with the area surrounding your office space so make sure to include everything they need to know in the email.

Consider holding a meeting or event in order to celebrate the opening of your new space and get everyone excited about it!

meeting for office relocation
Holding a meeting is one way of announcing to your employees the office relocation plan.

If your company is hosting an event before or after the office move, you’ll want to make sure that everyone knows about it. This will be a great opportunity for people to get excited about their new space and meet some of the employees who are working alongside them in person!

We recommend inviting all of your current employees (and anyone else involved with the company) along with their family and friends. This will help to make sure that there’s a good turnout but it can also be an opportunity to connect people who aren’t directly working together on a day-to-day basis!

Remember that it’s important for everyone involved in the office relocation—and all of your clients!—to know what is happening, why it matters, when things are changing, and how everything will be affected by this move. Make sure you schedule plenty of time before or after the relocation to make sure you’ve got all of these bases covered.

Moving your office can be a stressful process, but with the right planning and execution, it’s not impossible. If you’re in need of some help, we’d love to offer our services. Let us know how we can help by contacting Treasure Moving Company today at 855-715-6683 for your free quote and let us show you just how easy this move could be!