5 Tips For Moving During The Busy Season: How To Move Easier Now

5 Tips for Moving During the Busy Season

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Moving is a task that can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Moving during the busy season is even more difficult because of all the other things you will have to do.

If you are moving during the busy season, make sure to plan your move ahead of time. You can start by making a list of all things that need to be done and when they will happen. Then prioritize what is most important for you based on how soon it needs to be completed or whether there is urgency with completing certain tasks before others.

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It can be hard and tedious moving during a busy season, but there are ways you can do it more easily! If you follow these 5 tips below, you’ll have less stress and anxiety about your move so that you can focus on the other things in your life.

Plan your move in advance and get quotes from different moving companies

Moving during the busy season can be challenging. Use the time frame you have before everyone is home to organize everything into boxes, then pack them up at night so that all day on Sunday or Monday can be spent unpacking with the kids. Label everything as well! This way, if there are any breakables in the boxes, you’ll know where to place them in the new home.

Planning Moving During the Busy Season
Planning Moving During the Busy Season

Your movers will thank you, your family members will be less stressed and the transition from one place to another will be easier on everyone.

Planning ahead is key during this time of year. Get quotes from different moving companies so that you are not overcharged or taken advantage of when it comes time for loading up the truck and moving.

If you’re moving out of state, make sure to check for tax exemptions on the other end and have all paperwork ready before loading up the truck!

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Use a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything

As you plan to move during the busy season, consider making a checklist of items that need to get done before moving day arrives.

A checklist is an excellent idea because it’ll help you get organized and on the same page as your family members. It will also make moving days more manageable, which can be a relief during this time of year.


Pack up as much of the house as possible before moving day – this will reduce the number of boxes you’ll need to bring with you .

Pack up as much of the house as possible before moving day – this will reduce the number of boxes you’ll need to bring with you.  Start by packing all fragile items and any electronics, such as TVs or computers that are plugged in.  If a TV is not currently being used, unplug it so there is no risk of damaging it while moving.

What should you do with the boxes?  Stack them up in a logical order so they are easy to grab and bring outside for loading into your car or truck. If only one person is needed to pack each room, that’s great! But if more than one person is packing, assign someone to the living room, someone to the dining room, and so on.  That way, when you’re loading up your car or truck with boxes for each room in a house (or apartment), there’s no need to do any rearranging.

Moving During Busy Season Rockville Maryland
Moving During Busy Season Rockville Maryland

What about furniture?  If it doesn’t fit into your vehicle going forward – either because it’s too big or because you don’t have enough room – then find a place in the house to store that furniture.  Find another home for any furniture and other belongings not going with you, so those rooms are available for future use by your family members.


Start packing early so that it’s not such an overwhelming task on moving day.

Prepare your place by sorting clothes and kitchen goods into boxes according to rooms, then label the boxes accordingly using a marker pen or permanent marker so there is no confusion when unloading them in their new home. Label the boxes by room so that you can place them back as they were when unpacking.

Clearly label all the furniture and appliances with a marker pen or permanent marker to make it easier for movers to find out where everything is going in your new home, otherwise there will be misplaced items.

Don’t pack anything fragile until the last minute- pack it and unpack it in the new home to avoid any breakages.

It is important for your books, pictures, or other items with sentimental value that you take them out of their frames first before packing them up as they will not fit back into a frame later on. Don’t worry about labeling boxes while you’re packing, just get them packed and labeled before you forget.

Pack an emergency box of clothes, toiletries, important documents and cash in case there are any unforeseen events on moving day such as a car accident or power outage. This will give you peace of mind knowing you have essentials at hand.

Moving can be a hectic time for anyone so take it one step at a time to make things easier on yourself!


Be patient – there are lots of people who work in the industry, but things still take time!

There are many reasons why you should be patient and wait for your items to arrive. If something is shipped via freight by truck or boat, it will likely need to go through customs before reaching its final destination. This can cause a delay.

In addition, if the item is coming from another country, it may be subject to customs duties and taxes. These charges are typically collected at the time of delivery. Make sure you’re ready for these fees! You may also be receiving items from a third party, so it’s important to account for the time they need to ship.

And finally, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your new home after everything is unpacked and put away! It can take days or even weeks before everything feels like it has found its place in a new home.


Moving during the busy season can be challenging, but you can simplify it by planning ahead. Start with a list of what needs to happen and when. Prioritize your tasks based on urgency or importance so that nothing falls through the cracks as you are moving from one place to another. If this sounds like too much work for you or if you just want help, our team is ready and waiting to partner with you in creating an efficient move plan that will take all the worry out of packing up your life!  


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