How to Avoid A Moving Scam

How to Avoid a Moving Scam

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Moving is a major undertaking and has the potential to be very stressful. There are many moving scams out there, but you can avoid these by understanding how they work.  What do ‘rogue’ mover’s scam methods typically involve? Usually, they’ll offer low prices for their services and then end up charging more than what you originally agreed on after packing your goods into trucks or storage units. To avoid a scam like this, you should use a trusted residential moving company.

There’s a couple of things you can do in order to avoid being scammed by a “moving company.” Sometimes these organizations are illegal, and they’re called ‘rogue movers’, a band of individuals who haven’t met any state or federal regulatory requirements prior to beginning operations. These rogue movers are usually comprised of a group of people who work in the moving industry, but they’re not licensed.

How can I avoid getting scammed?

  1. First, never pay anything upfront. Although a small deposit is completely normal, requiring full or partial payment before any work has been done can be a red flag. This is common advice for dealing with any type of service provider, but even more so when it comes to movers. You don’t want to risk giving the company money without first inspecting their work and making sure that they haven’t done any damage on your way there.
  2. Second, do your research. Try and get some information or referrals from people you trust before hiring a mover – see if anyone else has had an experience with the company – as well as whether or not your insurance will cover any damages that may occur during transit (if you’re worried about getting scammed, this is another good option).
  3. Third, avoid hiring a company that is vague, if they are unclear about what services they offer – for example if the movers are providing storage and loading as part of their service and don’t properly specify this up front, it may end with you paying for these aspects separately. A true moving company will always list out all its charges before getting started so there’s no confusion before, during or after your move.
  4. Finally, check for real customer testimonials. If you are still looking for a company and the one you want to hire doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials from past customers, then avoid them. If they’re new in business without previous clientele, there’s no guarantee that they will be providing an excellent service – sometimes even the most reputable companies will make mistakes with their moving services. It is moving, after all.

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