Moving a Refrigerator: How Long Before You Start Using It Again?


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A new refrigerator can be moved from room to room without being plugged in, but the new owner should wait a couple days after moving it before plugging it back in so that any parts left over from manufacturing have time to settle and adhere properly inside of the appliance. Before your local movers come to move the appliance, it should be completely defrosted.

The most important thing when moving into or out of a home is that the refrigerator has been unplugged for at least 24 hours before transporting it.

Moving a refrigerator is seen by many as a daunting, stressful task. If you’re like many people, though, it’s something that needs to be done eventually because your old fridge has died and a new one needs to be installed. When this happens, there are steps that need to be taken before you start using the fridge again. The first thing that needs to happen after moving a refrigerator is waiting an appropriate amount of time for it to cool down completely, and defrost before turning it back on again. In this article, we will explore how long you should wait before starting up your new appliance or what experts say about when you can use it again!

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What is the Best Way to Move a Refrigerator, and How Do You Know When it’s Safe to Use Again?

It is important to move a refrigerator slowly and carefully, so that the compressor does not get damaged. The best way to do this is with two people who have experience moving appliances safely. If you’re going from one room in your home to another, there’s usually no reason for it to be moved very quickly or much at all.

When you plan to restart the refrigerator after moving it, wait at least twelve hours before plugging in to ensure that any lubricant or coolant is settled into place and isn’t going to gush out or damage the function of your refrigerator when plugged back in. After this waiting period it is usually safe to plug it in and start it back up, then you can return to using your appliance normally.

How Long Should I Wait Before Using My New Refrigerator After It Has Been Moved Into My Home?

If your refrigerator has been moved within the same room, you can probably use it right away. However, if it’s been moved to another part of your home or building (or even an entirely different house), wait at least twelve hours before using it again. This is because moving a fridge out in the cold air for too long causes the oil in the compressor to congeal. Especially if the refrigerator has been moved on its side, the delicate internal parts and fluids will need time to settle before resuming operations.

By waiting at least twelve hours before plugging your fridge back in, you aren’t exposing it to any unnecessary danger of malfunctioning and wasting energy—and saving yourself money on potential repairs! If you’re unsure about whether or not your refrigerator is safe to turn back on in a given time frame, double check your owner’s manual for further instructions.

Why Do Refrigerators Need to be Turned Off Before Moving Them?

Refrigerators contain freon, which is a highly pressurized chemical. When you move them or turn it on for the first time after moving, the pressure in the system increases rapidly to compensate for any change in location. This can cause oil separator valves and seals to fail if they are not fully opened at this point. If that happens, oil can leak into the compressor. This will cause it to stop working and your refrigerator won’t work until this has been repaired by a professional.

What is the Best Way to Prepare and Pack Up your Fridge for Moving Day?

Moving a refrigerator is no easy task and should be done carefully. There are many things to consider before you pack up your fridge for moving day.

The best way to go about packing the appliance depends on what kind of movers you used and where they need to take it. If you’re moving the fridge yourself, then it’s up to your personal preference when you start using it again. 

Most moving companies have rules against moving food items and liquids, so it’s important you check with your moving coordinator about how to handle this part. Usually, any leftover food items should be disposed of prior to move day.

If you hired the services of a moving company, your refrigerator should not be turned on as soon as they put it in place. Most movers will wait until their work is done and complete before plugging any appliances back in to ensure safety for both parties involved—the mover and yourself.

Moving day should be focused on getting everything else in place, not worrying about whether or not your refrigerator will function properly again after the movers unpack it—even if you are eager to get started with all of your favorite frozen foods once more.

In this blog post, we’ve explored how long you should wait before starting up your fridge again as well as what other things might need attention when moving a refrigerator. We hope our tips help streamline this process. In the end, it’s important to remember that moving is a stressful job. The more you can do before and after moving your fridge will help make the process easier on yourself. 

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