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Treasure Moving Company is the leading Chantilly mover in Virginia.

It is never easy moving in Chantilly, VA, or anywhere across town or country. The stress of packing, the exhaustion of unpacking, and it all has to be done in a short amount of time so you can get on with your life elsewhere. That’s why we give you our best services at Treasure Moving Company Chantilly VA Movers. We will help make your move as smooth as possible so that you don’t have to worry about anything but the excitement for what awaits ahead!

If you’re planning to move to Chantilly, VA, don’t hesitate to contact our office phone number at 855-715-6683Click here to get free moving estimates.

Professional Movers in Chantilly VA

Treasure Moving Company is a full-service moving company in Chantilly, VA. We help you with packing and unpacking, loading and unloading of your belongings. The entire process is well organized from start to finish so that everything flows smoothly without any stress or trouble. Whether it is a local move within the same city or a little farther like Sterling VA, Fairfax, and near its surrounding areas, we can take care of your entire move. We understand how hard it is to find the right movers in Chantilly VA that can do a great job at an affordable price, which is why we offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of service.

It doesn’t matter if you are relocating your house or business; our moving team in Chantilly VA will make sure everything goes smoothly and there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. We also take care of your belongings so you don’t have to worry about them being safe and secure with us either.

We offer a complete range of packing supplies including different types of boxes, bubble wrap, tape dispensers, marker pens, etc. So you know all the moving essentials are covered by us on every move. Our professional movers Chantilly VA also offer a variety of services such as piano moving, pool table relocation, and other heavy-duty items. They are well trained to handle any situation and make sure your belongings arrive safely at the destination without getting damaged in any way.

When it comes to packing we understand there can be many headaches involved with that; which is why we do everything for you and leave nothing for you to do. We can pack your clothes, dishes, electronics, and even fragile items like glassware and vases safely in our packing boxes so that they arrive at the destination undamaged.

We understand moving is a stressful process; which is why we make it as easy on you as possible by taking care of everything from start to finish. With each of our experience Chantilly mover, we can handle any size move for you no matter how big or small it is.

Commercial Moving Services in Chantilly, VA, You Can Rely On

When you are looking for a commercial mover, it is important to find someone who knows the area well. This way they will be able to get your things where they need to go quickly and efficiently while keeping damage down. Not only that but when movers know how long certain routes may take or which roads have traffic issues, there can be no surprises. You can also rest assured that the movers arrived on time at your location and have everything set up before you get there so you don’t have to do anything but open the door!

Treasure Moving Company offers commercial moving services in Chantilly, VA. Our movers are experienced and knowledgeable in the area so you can rely on them to get your items where they need to go safely and quickly! Whether you need movers for your business or you are moving to a larger office, we have the manpower and equipment to get it done. We will be there on time so you can plan accordingly!

Our experienced and professional moving team takes pride in their work and treats your belongings like they would their own. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with our work so that we can continue building on the relationship! No matter how big or small a move may be, Treasure Moving Company will provide movers who know what they’re doing every step of the way!

Local Moving Services Offered in Chantilly, VA

Our company offers local moving services and we can accommodate even the most difficult of customers. Whether you need to move a single piece of furniture or your entire home, our crew of local movers will do it all for you. You may be moving into an apartment, or perhaps you have been assigned military quarters. We are fully aware that there is no place like home so let us help you find yours.

Our local movers are experienced professionals who know exactly how to take care of all your belongings with extreme caution, no matter what items they might be or where the move is taking place. We would like to make moving day as easy for our customers as possible so we even offer full customer service throughout your move in Chantilly VA.

Chantilly, Virginia Long Distance Movers

A lot of moving companies in Chantilly, VA have their own unique style of moving. Some are very professional and some may not be as experienced or reputable to handle your move with care. When you’re looking for the best movers in Chantilly VA that offers reliable service it will help if you take notes down on what kind of experience they have along with how long they’ve been in the industry. Our team is very efficient with long-distance moves and we handle every item with care. We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied and behind us on our way to the next destination of your belongings.

We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the end result of their move to a new home or office location. You can trust us as your movers to make sure that everything is going smoothly for you and there won’t be any unexpected surprises along the way.

You may also want to look into what kind of insurance they offer, pick-up times, and how long it takes for your items to get delivered. We have a very quick pick-up time so you can get on with your day before we come over, which is normally within 30 minutes of the call. It’s also important that you know what type of insurance they offer because accidents do happen while transporting items or even during loading and unloading. This will help relieve any stress that may come up if anything does happen to your belongings while they are in transit and en route to the final destination of where you want them placed within your new home or office location.

We now offer specialized storage units which will help keep all of your belongings safe while you are working on getting settled into a new home or office. We understand that it can take quite some time to get everything situated and in order before we arrive with all of your items. With our storage units, this will free up space at the new location which is very important when moving between homes or offices.


If you need movers to help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, contact us at 855-715-6683 during office hours. We provide the best moving services in town and we would definitely help you with all aspects of moving in Chantilly VA so that you can get on with life without worry or concern for your belongings. Visit our website for online reviews and we highly recommend to rate us on your moving experience.

The Best Chantilly Mover

Chantilly moving services.

Treasure Moving Company is the leading Virginia moving company.

At Treasure Moving Company, our Chantilly moving services includes a consultation that will accurately take inventory of your belongings. Typically, this includes large furniture items and estimated number of boxes, and totes, however, as part of our regular estimating process we will also ask for other information such as the layout of your current and future home, potential moving dates and if additional services such as packing/unpacking, crating or storage will be required.

When it comes time to move around town, use the best local moving company. The teams at our moving company have been professionally trained to handle all types of local moving, from houses to apartments, high-rises, condos, and offices. The highest standard of care is utilized when handling your belongings and each piece is secured in place with all the necessary tools for the job to be done right.

Moving from one state to another? Across the country? Let’s get you there! Our long-distance moving services at Treasure Moving Company can take the stress out of your next move. It is our top priority to make every long-distance move as smooth and efficient as possible.

As professionals in home moving, our teams have extended training in packing, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure throughout the entire process.    Being prepared and packed on move day can help eliminate moving day stress. Regardless of whether you want to pack the entire house or just a few boxes, our professional packing teams can help.

When you are moving an entire building or a small office, time is money — we know you need to be as efficient as possible. We’ll tailor a business moving schedule specially for you, including late-night and weekend moves, to ensure you are moved in with the least interruption possible. Business is what we do.

When it comes to moving, we know best how much a piano weighs and how bulky it is to move. Feel free to leave the piano relocation to us!  When loading the piano onto our trucks, our movers will remove any legs, pedals, music stands, or any other components on the piano’s exterior, ensuring that each piece is properly protected.

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Chantilly Moving Company Reviews

Moving sucks, but this was the easiest part of the whole ordeal!
“Kyle and his crew were extremely efficient and professional. Upon arrival, they asked what furniture I had and was able to grab the necessary equipment to reduce the number of trips to and from the truck. I originally thought it would be a 2-man crew, but there were three guys! Kyle gave me a call half an hour before they arrived. They made an otherwise hectic day much smoother by showing up on time, wrapping and transporting items VERY quickly, and helping us setup furniture at our new apartment. I was really impressed with their service and turnaround time.”
August 23, 2021
Sarah Keller
Rockville, MD
Great moving company!
“We used them in March 2021 but I’m just getting around to posting my review. They are so efficient and didn’t break a thing. They even moved our Peloton bike and that went great! They wrapped our furniture in blankets and our TVs were wrapped and padded and secured. You can’t go wrong with Treasure Moving Company. I highly recommend them.”
May 7, 2021
Cynthia W.
Columbia, MD
They made the whole experience quite enjoyable.
“Sutter and his crew unloaded a full trailer of stuff into our new home last month and overall did a fantastic job. They were very professional, took a lot of precautions to protect both the furniture and the new home, and communicated well throughout the entire morning. I really liked the team, they were fun and funny and actually made the whole experience quite enjoyable. We grabbed lunch together at the end. I would recommend these folks highly and wish I had them available in CA when things were packed, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.”
July 17, 2021
Saminda W.
Rockville, MD
Our move from Alexandria, VA to Baltimore, MD was amazing!
“Our move from Alexandria, VA to Baltimore, MD was amazing! The crew: Kyle, Carlos, Jemal and Lopez were efficient, respectful and had a great sense of humor despite the numerous downpours.   Additionally, Kyle does a superb job of looking out for his team all while ensuring the logistics are running smoothly. We received two glowing recommendations about your service and are pleased to add our names your list of satisfied customers.  Not certain we’ll be moving again anytime soon, but if we do or know of someone, you’ll be the first phone call!”
August 20, 2021
Lisa R.
Baltimore, MD
Professional, quick, efficient, and friendly.
“Really great moving service! They were professional, quick, efficient, and friendly. The quote process was straightforward, I made a reservation online. And there’s no need to  pay deposit which is good. Besides I got 5% off paying in cash. I will definitely use their service again!”
December 9, 2019
Cindy H.
Washington, D.C.
Smooth process, no hidden fees!
“They are awesome! We just did a moving from ARLINGTON to Southwest. They were super efficient and responsible. There are no hidden fees. What they quoted you is what they will charge. I got a quote from JK moving for $1,600 (which is unbelievable expensive). So glad I didn’t choose them. The process is very smooth. I’m very happy with their service.”
May 27, 2020
Lu C.
Washington, D.C.