We are open for business and ready to serve you! All precautions taken

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We are open for business and ready to serve you! All precautions taken

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Make Your Move Easy with Packers and Movers

Treasure Moving Company packs your things like they’re our things. Our packing and moving team will handle everything in your home, or just what you couldn’t get to, so you never even break a sweat. Get started today with a free quote.

We'll Pack a Lot, or a Little.

Packing for a move doesn’t need to be stressful. Moving is a natural course of life and it requires a lot of backbreaking work. Not only does our packing services for moving your home or office save you time, but it ensures your valuables are properly protected during transport.  With an established packing and moving company like Treasure, you are confident that your stuff will be moved easily and with great care. With our packing services, you don’t even need to lift a finger!

Yes, Treasure Moving Company proudly moved thousands of residents within MD, VA and DC. We look forward to helping with your next residential move.
Yes. Please check with your condo association for any restrictions or rules when moving in or out.

Yes, we always protect your floors with runners in high-traffic areas and where heavy items are being moved. We take additional measures, including:

  • Banisters and stairs are covered and padded.
  • Your furniture is protected with padding for the duration of your move, free of charge.
  • Disassemble and reassemble your furniture items (while keeping track of the small nuts, bolts and parts.)
  • Have various moving boxes and packing supplies available to protect your items just in case they are needed.
Yes, we will wrap your furniture with thick quilted furniture padding before moving.
Yes, we can help you move in or out, even if you don’t need your stuff transported from one place to another.

There are a few different ways to save money while moving including:

  • Move during the off-season, which spans from September to May.
  • Take the time to sort through all of your items and toss, donate or sell unneeded items.
  • If moving long distance, rent and drive your own moving truck. However, you won’t save any money doing this for local moves.
  • Ship using a moving container instead of a truck. The downside is your belongings may take several weeks to arrive and you may need permits to place the container.
  • Find and source your own packing supplies, and pack all of your own things.
  • Pack all of your things before move day. It takes a lot more time to move small miscellaneous items if they are not packed in boxes.
  • Completely seal and label all boxes.
  • Clear all walkways so boxes can be moved out right away. In the snow, shovel and salt prior to our arrival.
  • Lock your pets away in a safe area out of the way of your movers. Make sure your movers are aware of the pets.
  • Prep all furniture before our arrival by disassembling sectionals, bed frames and tables. (We will always do this for you.)
  • If space allows, stack all of your boxes in one area easily accessible by the exterior so they can be quickly moved onto the truck.
  • Detach all wall fixtures, paintings, pictures and put in one area to be protected / packed by your movers.
  • You can direct your movers to deliver all boxes to one easily accessible area, like a garage, in your new destination.
  • Have all wall fixtures and hangings delivered to one spot at your new destination.
  • Plan a layout of where goods will be placed at your new destination
  • Eliminate unwanted small items prior to moving so you have less to move.

First, make sure the quality of your box is good enough to withstand the duration of your move. If using secondhand used boxes, the structural integrity of the box may not be able to support moving any longer. Make sure the box is properly taped on the bottom to support your items using the professional method. Our movers are trained to use three strips of tape on the bottom seam, and another piece going around the sides of the box to hold the strips from the bottom.

Always put heavier items on the bottom working to lightest on top making sure to use plenty of protective packing paper, foam peanuts to protect your goods. Don’t leave any empty spaces in the box so that your goods don’t shift around while in transit. This also prevents the box from being crushed from the weight of other stacked boxes. Once your box is fully packed, tape the top seam in the same way you did the bottom, with three pieces to ensure it will remain safely closed. Don’t forget to label your box, your future self will thank you!

Our Treasure Moving Promise

Experienced, Professional Crews

Our trained, clean-cut and hardworking team will respect you, your belongings, and your needs.

Upfront & Honest Pricing

We have an hourly based pricing structure. We charge work time plus travel time, and packing materials.

Same Day Rockville MD Moving Service

Thousands of Americans find themselves in a moving emergency each year. Treasure Moving can help.

No Move Too Big or Small

Only need to move a few items around Rockville Maryland? Call now for special discounted pricing!

What Our Clients Say

Daniel Brito
Daniel Brito
Fedor did an enormous amount of work for the money. Unbeatable value. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Lasher
Jonathan Lasher
The Treasure crew was terrific. Friendly, professional, careful, and a pleasure to work with. I’d hire Treasure Moving again in a minute—and probably will.
Amanda Impellizzeri
Amanda Impellizzeri
We blended two homes into one new home and the experience with Treasure Moving from start to finish could not of been less stressful. Securing the reservation was simple and the repeated confirmations were fantastic. Carlos and his crew were nothing less than amazing during the entire move. They made sure there was no damage to our furniture and placed it exactly where we requested. Also they utilized every since square inch of the truck. I could not believe how much they were able to get in there. The whole crew was so great to work with! I would recommend Carlos crew time and time again! Thank you
D Ruiz
D Ruiz
Treasure Movers moved 2 residences to a new home for me on 7/12/22. They packed all furniture professionally and did everything quickly and efficiently. They all had very good attitudes and were a pleasure to work with. Most all furniture moved without problems or damage to the items, which my prior movers were not able to do. They showed up on time and did not finish until the job was done. I highly recommend Treasure Movers.
Johnnie Ramos
Johnnie Ramos
Treasure movers left me in awe with their superior service. By far much better than any moving company I have used in the past. Thanks!
Pablo Segura
Pablo Segura
Jenn G
Jenn G
Marlin and the entire team were fantastic. They went above and beyond to help us move.
Alexandra Doten
Alexandra Doten
Dennys and Melvin were so amazing. They were extremely fast and hard working. I have two pieces of antique furniture and they wrapped them both entirely in moving blankets and really studied the best way to carry them. They also took care to go around an especially bumpy place on our walk between apartments without me asking or even knowing I was watching. I did an inter-building move, so I didn't use the truck, but not a single thing of mine is broken. I will absolutely be using this company in the future.
M Apolonia Calderon
M Apolonia Calderon
I have hired the Treasure Moving Company twice for my moves. The crew is awesome, helpful, and efficient.
Naz Asad
Naz Asad
We had no issues. Nice people, reasonable rates and good service. Would recommend.