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8 Tips To Make Moving In The Winter Way Easier

Moving can be a stressful process, no matter what time of year it is. However, during the winter months there are some additional challenges that you have to deal with. There’s snow blocking your path, ice on the ground making every step treacherous and heavy lifting in freezing temperatures! You need to protect your possessions from the cold weather and snow while packing them carefully in order to prevent damage. There’s also the difficulty of transporting all of your items when they’re frozen solid! The tips below will help make moving in the winter way easier for you.

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Planning your move for the colder months

Moving in the winter months can be made easier if you plan ahead. If possible, try to avoid moving during January or February when it’s coldest outside. You may find that there are less people looking for movers at this time of year, which means you could save money by moving in the winter.

It is also important to plan to move when the weather is at its best. You don’t want to be moving in a blizzard or extreme cold conditions. If you must, make sure that your items are wrapped and protected from the elements as much as possible.

If you can avoid it, try not to schedule your move during or around major holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. This can be a very difficult time to find movers and you may find it hard to get the services of one due to the holidays.

Be prepared for the weather

If you must move during the winter months, it is important to be prepared for all types of weather. Make sure that your items are wrapped and protected from snow and ice as much as possible. You can purchase special bags or boxes whose sole purpose is protecting belongings from water damage in case they get wet outside.

While loading up the moving truck, try to pack smaller items in between the larger ones. This will help fill up empty space and prevent them from getting damaged by shifting around during transit.

Moving blankets are a great way of protecting all types of surfaces and furniture when they’re outside or on display in your new home. You can also purchase or rent specially made moving skids or dollies which can help make sliding objects such as bikes, plants and boxes much easier.

Don’t forget to pack blankets, food and water for your moving helpers! They may be getting paid but it is a nice gesture that will go a long way with them. You should also have something on hand in case of an emergency – do not leave the house until you have a full tank of gas and your mobile phone is fully charged.

Pack a winter survival kit

Moving during the winter requires some extra work on your part. You need to protect all of your belongings while they’re outside or in transit and you also have to be prepared for any type of weather that may come up!

In order to do these things, it is a good idea to pack a few supplies into a small box which can be left in your moving truck or van. When you need them, they will be there to help save the day!

Here are some things that should go into your winter survival kit:

  • A shovel for digging out stuck vehicles
  • Sandbags/salt which can be used on steps and driveways when it is icy outside
  • A snow brush and ice scraper for clearing off your vehicle
  • A flashlight with spare batteries (in case you get stuck outside at night)

You should also pack extra blankets, warm clothing, food/water and a first aid kit in case of an emergency. You never know what kind of weather conditions you will run into on moving day, so it is best to be prepared for anything!

Wear boots on your feet and gloves on your hands for warmth 

This is a given, but it’s easy to forget about the importance of wearing warm clothes when packing up your belongings. It can get cold out there! So make sure you are dressed appropriately by layering up with gloves and boots on your feet for more warmth. This will also be better in case you drop anything on your way and need to bend down and pick them up. Always protect yourself from the coldest outside and make sure to warm up when inside the house!

Keep up-to-date with weather reports

Check out the weather report for your area on a daily basis so you are aware of any changes. This will help plan whether or not to move items, how many people can be moving them and if necessary alter all other aspects of the process.

This is especially important in winter when there may be ice or snow forecast that has potential to cause problems with the move.

If your moving company is unable to do the job due to weather conditions, keep this in mind when choosing a removal service as you may need someone who can work even on less than favorable weather days.

This tip doesn’t just apply to winter but throughout all seasons so it’s worth checking before every time of year if possible!

Clear snow off sidewalks, steps, and paths before leaving the house.

This is the part that really makes or breaks preparation for winter moving. You may find that you need to plow the sidewalk before your movers arrive. Even if it is light snow, this can make for a slippery walkway and difficulty moving.

Also, don’t forget to remove the snow from your driveway and steps before your movers arrive!

This can be a really helpful tip for people who are moving in the winter. It’s important to keep the walkways safe and clean so that your movers don’t have any problems with slipping on their way into or out of their home. By being prepared it will make everything easier for them throughout the day.

Have someone help you carry things inside if possible 

This is the most obvious part of how to move in winter! You will likely need an extra person or two in order to assist you with carrying things inside when it’s snowing. This can be hard work, especially if there are a lot of items that need to go into storage units etc.

Help yourself out by having your partner/kids/friends help you move in winter and make sure to thank them for it! It’ll definitely take a load off of your shoulders.

This is especially important when they have many items that need to get inside because snow makes it difficult. By having extra hands, this will eliminate the struggle and make moving more enjoyable.

If possible, hire movers or packers who will take care of all your heavy lifting

Finally, the most important tip of all is to make sure you are not doing any heavy lifting yourself. This includes carrying furniture upstairs or downstairs and moving boxes up or down inside staircases.

If possible hire packers who will do this for you so that they can take care of it with no problems at all! It’ll be better on your back too if they are the ones doing it.

This is great for people who don’t want to do any of this themselves, either because they find it difficult or just don’t feel like it! Hiring some help will make everything run smoothly and be way easier on you while also removing all stress from lifting heavy items. It’s definitely a great idea.

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