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Moving To Washington DC: Things You Should Know Before Relocation

Moving to Washington DC

Moving To Washington DC: Things You Should Know Before Relocation

Washington, DC, is a unique city. It’s home to the United States government, but it feels like more than that. It has a vibrant culture and a diverse population of people worldwide.

Before moving to Washington DC, you should know some things, but don’t worry: we’re here to help. We’ve compiled this list of things that will prepare you for your big move!

How to prepare when moving to Washington DC?

How to prepare when moving to Washington DC?
  • Get reliable Washington, DC movers to help you.
  • Make sure you have all the paperwork in order.
  • Have a plan for your furniture
  • Make sure you have enough time.
  • Make sure you have the right boxes and packing materials for your move.

3 Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Washington DC

Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Washington DC
  • It’s expensive.

Washington, DC, is one of the most expensive cities in the country, so you’ll want to make sure you have a budget for cost of living. The average rent in Washington, DC, is around $2,000/month for a one-bedroom apartment, but it can vary widely depending on where you live.

  • It’s crowded.

If you like elbow room, D.C. is not for you. Over 700,000 people live in the Dc metro, one of America’s most densely populated places. So finding a place where you feel like you have privacy can be challenging.

  • Not for everyone.

Only some people are cut out for life in D.C. It’s a city full of stress and frustration, especially if you need more money or political connections. 

But, on the other hand, if you want to live somewhere with more Southern charm and a slower pace, then D.C. might not be the place for you.

But it’s a great place to live if you love an urban lifestyle and want access to more than just the typical city stuff—like hiking, biking and climbing in nearby national parks or kayaking on the Potomac River—then look no further than Washington DC!

Major landmarks for government buildings are pretty cool.

The U.S. Capitol Building and White House are worth a visit if you’re a history buff. The U.S. The Capitol is especially impressive during the voting season as representatives, and senators walk to their respective chambers to vote on bills debated in committee hearings earlier in the day (and sometimes overnight). 

The National Mall, which runs between these two landmarks, is also home to many other monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; each has its unique charm, but all offer great photo opportunities!

Washington DC is a city of readers and good food.

Washington DC Metro Area

D.C. is a city of readers and good food. You’ll find that the people here are passionate about books, especially if you’re looking for someone to recommend new books or share their favorite book with you. 

There are also plenty of spots to eat in D.C.; some restaurants have been around for generations, and others are just getting started. Finally, if you love food, there are plenty of Washington DC, restaurants with options that suit everyone’s tastes.

The best way to see D.C. is on a bike.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to ride a bike, then Washington, DC, is the perfect place for you. The city has an extensive bike-share program; riding one is a great way to get around town. In addition, you can rent a bike at many locations throughout the city, including Union Station. 

In addition, there are several pay-to-ride docking stations near some of D.C.’s most popular attractions, like the National Mall and Lincoln Memorial. You can also take your bike on any Metrorail train if it’s at most 56 inches or over 80 inches (including wheels).

Biking in D.C. is especially fun because there are so many different routes through historic neighborhoods like Georgetown or along river paths near downtown waterfronts that offer great views and plenty of photo opportunities!

You can still see cherry blossoms in the spring season.

One thing you need to realize if you live in or have visited Washington, DC, is that it’s possible to see cherry blossoms in the spring. While popular myth states that cherry blossom season only lasts for a week or so, this isn’t true! Cherry blossoms appear on trees all year round, though their peak bloom periods are typically late March through early April and mid-April to mid-May.

If your move falls near one of these seasons, enjoy seeing some beautiful pink flowers as you settle into Washington, DC!

There are a lot of offers in Washington DC beyond the National Mall.

There are a lot of offers in Washington DC beyond the National Mall. There are so many museums, monuments and memorials on request. There are also parks and gardens that you can visit with your family.

There are many restaurants, bars and cafes for all kinds of tastes. So if you want to go out for an evening meal, there will be something for everyone, no matter what type of food they like.

If your children love animals, they will love the zoo or aquarium because both have lots to see!

You don’t have to live in the District to feel like you’re a part of it.

You don’t have to live in the District to feel like you’re a part of it. Moving to Washington DC, is a city with so much to offer, and it would be silly not to take advantage of all the great things that come from living in such a fantastic place.

There are many ways to feel like you’re a part of this great city without having to live within its borders. For example:

  • Go on a museum tour! There are more than 50 museums located throughout Washington, DC. and its surrounding areas that offer free admission days for locals—and even for visitors who aren’t residents! 
  • Eat out at some restaurants—even if they’re not located near your home! Several delicious restaurants located outside of downtown near Dupont Circle provide excellent food at reasonable prices (and let’s face it: sometimes we all want something new). You’ll also find plenty more options within reach if you choose another neighbourhood and places close to Metro stations (or even within walkable distance).

Have an umbrella handy at all times.

Washington, DC, is known for its rain, and the city’s weather is a big part of the Washington experience. It’s common to see people carrying umbrellas around town; some may even have multiple umbrellas in their bags or cars just in case they need them.

If you’re planning on moving to Washington DC, pick up an umbrella from one of our many fine stores!

There is a lot more to Washington, DC, than just its government landmarks and buildings.

If you’re considering moving to Washington DC, it’s essential to know what the city offers. While there are plenty of government buildings and monuments in D.C., there are also many other things to do and see. If you want an easy way to find out more about your new city, check out these neighborhoods:

  • Adams Morgan—An excellent place for nightlife and food
  • Georgetown—A historic neighborhood with lots of shopping options
  • Downtown—The center of the city where you’ll find museums like the National Portrait Gallery or Smithsonian Natural History Museum (and also some government offices)

With the help of a moving company, you will have sufficient time for everything and everybody.

Treasure Moving - Moving to Washington DC

With the help of a moving company, you will have sufficient time for everything and everybody. They can help you pack up all your belongings and oversee their transportation to Washington, DC. They’ll also give you tips on making the most of your move so that you can settle in as quickly as possible and start enjoying life there.


Moving to Washington DC, is an exciting experience! We hope that this blog post has helped you in some way. Moving is stressful enough without worrying about everything you need to do or have done before you even step foot into your new home. If you need help with your upcoming move, call us at (855) 715-6683.

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