11 Tips for Doing Inventory of Office Furniture & Supplies

11 Tips for Doing Inventory of Office Furniture & Supplies

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Many businesses have to do an inventory of their office supplies on a regular basis. Especially when moving an office, knowing what you have and what you will need when you arrive in your new location is important. This is not an easy task, but it does not have to be difficult either. We are here to give you some tips that will help make this process go smoothly and more efficiently for your business. It can be hard running a successful business without the proper tools for the job. That’s why many companies take time out of their day or week to perform an inventory of office furniture and supplies – they know how important these items are when doing work in the office every day!

Start with a list

It’s important to have an inventory list before you start counting. After all, this is what you are completing the task for! This will be your guide throughout the process and make sure that nothing is forgotten or missed in any way.

Make it clear who has access to this list

A lot of businesses have multiple people working in the office. For example, you may have an accounting department that is separate from your marketing team. You don’t want to make it too complicated for anyone who needs access and end up losing track of things or causing confusion down the road!

Create a schedule around when inventory should be taken

It’s important to create a set schedule for the inventory of office supplies. This will help keep things in order and make sure that nothing is ever missed or forgotten about!

Break down the list by item type

You may have multiple items on your list, but it doesn’t mean you need to take inventory all at once. For example, if you have multiple printers in the office, you may want to take inventory of these separately. This will also help when it comes time for ordering more supplies!

Be sure everyone in the office is on board with this list

The last thing anyone wants during a busy workday is someone asking questions or needing access to items that are already accounted for. Make sure that everyone knows what is on the list and where things are located!

Use technology

If you have a smartphone or tablet, now is the time to use it. There are many apps out there for keeping track of inventory which can make this process much easier and more efficient than ever before! This way if anything goes missing along the way, you have a record of all the inventory!

Put your best foot forward

When it comes to doing an inventory of office supplies, there is no room for error. This is one task that needs to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to maintain optimal organization within your company. No one wants things going missing or being misplaced because of disorganization, so make sure that this is done right the first time around!

Make it a priority

If an inventory isn’t high on your list of priorities, then you may want to consider changing things up. After all, office supplies are important when it comes to making money and maintaining an efficient work environment for employees. This task should never be put off and needs to be completed as soon as possible!

Don’t forget the basics

It’s easy to get caught up in all of these different supplies, but don’t forget about everything else! A lot of companies also include things like pens, notepads, paperclips, staplers and so much more on their inventory list. This is just as important and should not be forgotten about!

Don’t stress over it

It’s easy to get stressed out when you’re taking inventory of office supplies, but that isn’t going to help anyone or anything along the way. If any problems come up, make sure everyone knows exactly what needs to happen in order to maintain organization and efficiency in the workplace.

Include everyone when it comes to ordering

When you are done taking inventory of office supplies, your next step is going to be ordering more items as needed. Make sure that this includes a few key people from every department so nothing gets missed or overlooked along the way!

In order to keep your company functioning as smoothly as possible, it is important to do an inventory of office supplies. The last thing you want is for a supply shortage or overstock situation to happen and wreak havoc on the productivity in your workplace. Treasure Moving Company can help with that! Our team specializes in taking care of all aspects of moving an office including organizing and maintaining inventories of your furniture and supplies. Contact us today at 855-715-6683 for a free quote on how we can help make this process easier by creating workflows tailored specifically to fit your moving needs.