Office Relocation Checklist 2022: Your Guide to Successful Relocation

Office moving checklist 2022

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With a little preparation, moving office doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful! Successful business relocation is about more than just moving boxes and furniture; you need to make sure your employees are informed and happy. There are many factors that need to be considered before you move, such as how long the office has been in its current location, whether or not it is attached to other buildings on the property and if there will be any negative effects of moving (such as disturbance from construction).

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If you want to make sure this transition goes smoothly for both your employees and the company’s bottom line, then follow our office moving checklist!

Define the reason behind moving offices

The first thing you should do before planning any type of relocation, all depends on the reason for moving. If there are underlying issues that need to be addressed, then you should consider resolving them first before deciding on an office relocation strategy. For example, if your current location has low ceilings or doesn’t have enough natural light, then it is time for a change of scenery.

Determine the size and layout of the new space

The next step is to figure out the size and layout of your office space. Knowing this will help you determine how much furniture, equipment, and other resources you would need as well as who might be best suited for a particular job among your employees.

Create a list of items that should move with the business

The next thing to do is create a list of items that you would need to move with the company. For example, if there is any essential equipment or machinery that cannot be easily replaced then this should definitely go into the list as well as anything else which is important for your business operations like telephones and computers.

Create a budget

Next comes creating an office relocation cost estimate according to your needs. It is best to take the property’s square footage into consideration when creating this estimate because doing so will help you determine how much it would cost per square foot for office space in that area which can then be multiplied by how many square feet are required of that particular location.

Create an action plan

The next step after estimating the cost of office moving is to create an action plan that would encompass all the steps involved in planning, executing, and completing it successfully. This should be done based on your priorities so you can keep track of which things are most important especially when there are other projects or tasks which have deadlines associated with them as well.

Start looking for new locations

Once you have an action plan in place, it is time to look for new locations that would allow your business or commercial establishment the space and layout of its needs. Search online or visit local real estate agencies to find properties that suit what you are looking for. Make sure they meet all of your criteria so you can compare them more easily with each other.

You can also ask your employees for advice on which locations would best suit their needs as well to see if it matches what you are looking for in a location, office space layout, and the equipment that will be provided there. Getting input from them is important because they know better than anyone else how your business operates and where certain things need to be for them to perform their tasks well.

Choose the best location

Once you have found several potential properties, it is time to make a final decision on which location would best suit your business or commercial establishment’s needs and requirements as well as those of your employees. Make sure that there are no underlying issues with the space or if something does need to be addressed, then make sure that it is taken care of before moving into the new location.

Make an offer

Once you have decided on a property that would best meet your business or commercial establishment needs as well as those of its employees, create an offer for purchase including all the details about the space and layout you are looking for. If the owner of the property agrees to your terms and conditions, make an agreement with him or her on when you would like to move in and what all needs to be done before this day arrives as well as how much it will cost.

Find a moving company that offers an office move service

After you have found a property and made an agreement with the owner, it is time to find a moving company that can help you transport all of your business or commercial establishment’s equipment and furniture from the old location to the new one. This will save you both money as well as time because they will be able to do this job for you without any trouble and you won’t have to worry about any potential damage that might be done while transporting the furniture.

Move in

Once everything has been approved and scheduled according to your plan, it is finally time to move into your new office space or commercial establishment. Make sure that all the essentials are in place and working correctly before moving furniture in because if they aren’t then you could potentially lose a lot of money from having to replace them after everything has been moved.

After the move 

Finally, after everything has been moved and installed into the new property it is time to sit back and relax knowing that your business or commercial establishment’s relocation went smoothly and that you are all set up in a place where everyone can work efficiently.


After everything has gone according to plan, take some time out of your day to celebrate with your employees and family because you have all accomplished a goal that had been set out by the company. This can be done through hosting an office party or just taking everyone out for lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.

Sometimes, the best way to prepare for a move is by getting organized. One of the easiest ways to do this is with an office moving checklist. The following list should help you narrow down what needs to be done before your big day so that when it comes time to pack up all your belongings and relocate into your home, everything will go smoothly. Are you looking for more information about how we can handle any aspect of your upcoming office relocation? Contact Treasure Moving Company today at 855-715-6683! We’d love to provide you with a free quote on our services or answer any questions that come up during the process.