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What can we do for you?

We typically start jobs from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, but we'll do whatever we can to accomodate your schedule, elevator reservation times, etc. Please choose the best times for you, but if our start times work, please default to those. Thanks!

Please make sure to choose the correct type of work you need. If you need help with something that ISN'T in the list, please choose "Other."

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Does the job begin and end in the same place?

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Tell us about the job location(s)...

Every job is different, but most have the same features -- the distance between your front door and our truck (if applicable), stairs, elevators, etc. We've tracked these factors on thousands of jobs, and can now build solid estimates on them.

The key is to give us information as accurately as possible. If you don't know the answer to something, your best guess is fine. Please just let us know if anything changes. (Example: your building's elevator breaks down and we need to use stairs--it happens often enough...)

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We know that estimating your box count before you've begun packing is difficult, so your best initial guess is fine. However, PLEASE send us a revised box count if the number changes significantly, either up or down. More boxes might exceed the capacity of our truck, and the guys' ability to do it in one load. Fewer boxes might mean we can save you some money with a smaller truck. The box count is a pillar of the estimate process, which is why it's critical to get as accurate a number as possible.

How many small boxes (smaller than 10 x 10 x 10) do you think you'll have?

How many medium boxes (13" high x 17.5 " wide x 13" deep) do you think you'll have?

How many large boxes (26" high x 17.25 wide x 16.25" deep) do you think you'll have?

How many extra-large boxes (larger than a large ) do you think you'll have?

How many totes do you think you'll have?

How many bags do you think you'll have?


If there isn't a drop-down list for something you have, please put it in the "Other furniture" section below. Thanks!

Bedroom furniture

King sized bed

Queen sized bed

King/Queen sized platform bed with solid base and drawers

Full bed

Twin bed

Baby crib

Bunk bed

Night/end table


Dressers/chest of drawers


Armoir under 5 feet tall

Armoir over 5 feet tall

Living room furniture

Sectional Sofa

Three seater sofa


Sleeper sofa/sofa bed/recliner sofa

Oversized chair

Coffee table

End table

Entertainment center

TV stand

Living room bookcase


Dining room details

Square dining table

Round pedestal table


China cabinet one-piece

China cabinet two-piece


Glass top

Marble top

Kitchen details

Double-Door Refrigerator

Single-Door Refrigerator



China cabinet one-piece

China cabinet two-piece

Office details

One piece desk

Multi-piece desk

Office chair

Office bookcase

4 drawer file cabinet

2 drawer file cabinet


Patio details

Patio table

Lawn chair



Flower pot





Pool Table

Large safe

Small safe

Fish tank








Other items and assembly overview

Other items

Please let us know about the disassembly/assembly work needed to complete your move.

Other notes

Please tell us ANYTHING else that you believe is relevant to your move. For example, if your destination will likely be under construction, we'll need to know that. Likewise, if anything requires special care, handling or is oversized, we'll want every opportunity to prepare for that, too. Please add photos or video of any LARGE or UNIQUE pieces of furniture below.

Unfortunately, a few our guys do have pet allergies. If you do have pets, please let know about them so that we can be prepared.

Other notes

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