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The Ultimate Florida Moving Guide

The Ultimate Florida Moving Guide

Florida Facts

You’re planning to live in Florida one day. The state has many attractions including beaches, art districts and stadiums. The reason Florida is now the third-most populated state in the U.S. is quite obvious. No matter whether you are attracted to the low cost of living or wish to relocate to warmer weather, you will need to do some research. Thanks to our long distance moving service, you didn’t have to do much work. It’s easier than ever for you to find information on Florida schools, DMVs, and everything in between. The history of Florida is rich and fascinating. Also, the state’s natural beauty is what sets it apart.

Tourism is a major industry in Florida, and the state’s hospitality and tourism industries employ over one million people as a result. Thanks to its sunny and warm climate that’s perfect for growing tomatoes, oranges, and more, Florida is also a significant player in agriculture (the state produces 70 percent of the US’s oranges) culture. Also, thanks to Florida’s many colleges and universities, the collegiate culture is thriving, making it a destination for many young people. Florida therefore has a diversified and robust economy.

This is the only state along the Gulf of Mexico that shares its border with both the Atlantic. You are never more than 60 miles away from a body of saltwater in Florida, no matter where you land in the state.

Those who wouldn’t enjoy the beach can check out one of the state’s 175 parks!

Many Florida residents and visitors alike admire the melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and walks of life in which Floridians live.

What Florida has to offer: pros, cons, and unpleasant facts.

Florida isn’t all sunshine. In addition to the good, there are some disadvantages too.

The advantages of living in Florida

Florida can appeal to people in many ways, either because a great new job exists here, or because they want to be near the equator and to escape the harsh Chicago winters. Whatever the reasons, there has never been a better time to move to Florida. And while everyone’s unique, moving to Florida is an ideal choice for some reasons right now. The following are our favorite reasons why you ought to consider living in Florida, based on the views and experiences of the people who call Florida home. Florida doesn’t have a state tax in addition to being beautiful, and having beaches and sunshine… (all things we’d say are great). It seems like a small issue, but think about it this way: Chicago’s income tax is 3.5%, while California’s is 13%. In other words, moving to Florida will result in you having more disposable income, and that’s always good.

It is also not as expensive as you might think to buy beachfront property in Florida. Half the beach towns that CNBC ranked were in the state of Florida, so it is clear that purchases in those areas would be cheaper than in other states. Combining affordable housing with no state tax isn’t such a bad idea.

Cons of Moving to Florida

Why do so many people come to Florida with such high expectations, only to leave after a few years? Possibly it’s one of these cons that they are unable to withstand. Are you capable of handling the following?

  • A hurricane, extreme heat, and humidity will have an impact.
  • It has no mountains or valleys, it is incredibly flat.
  • More people visit and live part-time in this state than in any other.
  • Your insurance costs will be higher in this region of the country than in other areas.
  • Florida has many snakes and alligators, and it has a lot of bugs.

A place that is heavily touristy, like Florida, can get a little boring quite quickly, particularly if you’re not into tourism yourself. Florida welcomed 65.5 million visitors in the first half of the year 2018. In other words, if someone tells you it’s not a big deal, they’re lying.

Florida Tourism
The Florida tourism industry may be irritating at times if it’s not something you’re ready to live with.

That said, some cities have much lower tourist numbers than others. You will probably find more tourists in Tampa, Destin, and Orlando than locals. In a place like Vero Beach, which is ranked as one of the best beach towns in the United States, you’re probably going to see less tourists.

Florida is known for its hurricanes, which should go without saying. The Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th every year. It may not make moving to Florida a better idea, but it is definitely one of the less desirable elements about the state.

Florida’s Sunny and Warm Climate

Did you know that Florida experiences 200 sunny days of the 365 days a year? One of the biggest draws of the Sunshine State is its year-round warm weather, and it’s easy to see why. Florida residents will go the entire year without wearing even a sweater. With Florida’s mild climate, residents spend more time outdoors in the sunlight, which is proven to contribute to mental and physical health due to Vitamin D derived from sunlight. Here’s the bottom line, moving to Florida can be terrific for your health – just be sure to load up on sunscreen!

Key West
Key West is Florida’s southernmost point and a U.S. Island City, part of the Florida Keys archipelago.

No More State Income Tax

In Florida, you heard it right: there is no state income tax. Many people and businesses love the lack of state income tax in Florida, as it means their salaries are stretched a lot further than they would be elsewhere in the country. Also, Florida’s slightly higher living costs are offset by that. Florida offers so much more like beaches, theme parks, and city thrills, without the burden of paying state income taxes.

Incredible Sandy Beaches

Florida’s beaches are great, have you heard? If you’re considering moving to Florida, chances are they are one of the things that really excite you, and for a good reason. The beaches of Florida are the most captivating on the entire coastline. Moreover, specific beaches in Florida have been recognized for their quality . Sarasota Siesta Public Beach, according to a recent state-wide survey written by TripAdvisor, was named the best beach in the entire country. Florida has more than just Clearwater beach to offer and other famous beaches include Delray, Panama City, Miami Beach, and many, many more. It’s easy to see why Florida is the right place to move to if you are looking for a place to soak up the sun and enjoy the relaxing sound of the ocean waves.

Florida Beaches
You’ll find some of Florida’s best beaches in small secluded islands, lakes and quiet beach towns.

Things to do in Florida

The great outdoors await you in Florida. There aren’t just beautiful beaches here – there’s also crystal-clear springs, rivers, lakes, and jungle-like parks. Swimming and paddleboarding are ever-in-season, as are fishing, kayaking, golf and diving. Additionally, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are always great places to have a blast. Harry Potter World and the Magic Kingdom are bucket list items for Harry Potter fans, and the Magic Kingdom is a fantastic way to spend a day.

Sports fans abound in Florida

Florida Sports
The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate athletic teams that represent the University of Florida, located in Gainesville.

Florida sports fans will certainly never be short on teams to root for each season. There is no shortage of sports teams in Florida. The Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all of NFL fame. Collegiate sports might be more your kind of thing, like the bitter rivalry between Florida State University and the University of Florida athletic squads, which battle each year on both the field and court. Florida will be a unique experience for sports fans who want to be near the action.

Cost of Living in Florida

Taxes are low in Florida, which draws many. Before deciding to move to Florida, find out both the tax structure and the housing market.

The lack of income taxes in Florida makes for an attractive lifestyle. As such, it is ranked as the 13th best state in the U.S. News & World Report . It also rated Florida as number two in the nation for fiscal stability and number nine in general for its economy. Yet it still has a sales tax of 6.5% and a high gas tax, ranking it as the eighth highest gas tax state in the nation. Although Florida’s housing market suffered from the 2008 recession, it’s recovered nicely. Housing options are available in many cities in Florida both for renters and for homeowners. However, prices in Florida’s major cities are still quite high. In Miami, the average one bedroom rental goes for $1,600. A one-bedroom apartment can be bought for an average of $1,200 a month in cities like Tampa. If you are thinking of purchasing a home, January is the best month to do so. While there are often fewer homes for sale in January, you are likely to save at least $20,000 when compared to buying a home in June. In the moment, the best markets in Florida to invest are:

  • Pensacola (median home value: $145,800)
  • Jacksonville (median home value: $177,500)
  • Tallahassee (median home value: $183,400)
  • Orlando (median home value: $241,200)

Florida Jobs

Walt Disney World has been one of Florida’s largest employers for some time. In addition to the Florida public school system, the health care industry is another major employer in the state. In addition to Publix, a popular grocery chain in Florida that provides its employees with a major stake in the company, tops the list.

Do you want to attend a professional football game, take a professional journey, and drink a beer while on a ghost tour all within one day?

Over a million people are employed in Florida’s hospitality and tourism industry as one of the country’s top tourist destinations. A large number of staff members is needed by Florida’s water parks, amusement parks and hotels, which are amongst the most popular in North America.

Florida’s longer growing season means that many Floridians also have careers in the agriculture industry. Oranges, dairy, sugarcane, and tomatoes are some of the most popular agricultural products in Florida. It is also an international financial center and a top exporting state. Since it boasts a concentration of colleges and universities, Florida provides a dynamic and thriving biomedical research hub.

Florida Traffic and Public Transport

People seem to make up their driving rules in Florida, a very densely populated place. Sometimes you may encounter a driver who is unpredictable. While traffic during rush hour can be overwhelming in big cities like Seattle or San Francisco, Florida traffic is much more manageable than traffic in big cities like those mentioned above.

Red light cameras are placed at major intersections so keep your eyes peeled because you might get a ticket in the mail. In addition, you should know about the Florida Turnpike, an interstate highway system with a length of 450 miles which requires tolls. If you plan to use these routes frequently, we recommend investing in a toll pass.

Getting to town by bus is a fast and easy way to get to town. You can use the shuttle service or the Amtrak. If you want to get some exercise and save some money, some communities offer bike-sharing programs.

Cities in Florida

Florida has many beach towns to choose from, but it is also a place where one can experience the urban life, a mixture of it with quieter rural environments. In Miami or St. Petersburg, city lovers can experience a high-speed, cosmopolitan lifestyle or grow creatively in an innovative culture.

You can find plenty of outdoor activities in and around Sarasota, such as fishing and kayaking, and the city is home to an outstanding culinary scene and cultural complex. The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, one of the largest cities in the US, and provides a fun and youthful college town atmosphere. Gainesville consistently ranks among the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the country.

With mid-century architecture and historical sites dating back to the 1500s, Florida’s northeast coast provides a relic from a simpler time in the past. Some of Florida’s most gorgeous beaches can be found in the Panhandle and along the western gulf coast, while the Florida Keys can feel like a 24/7 vacation.

Particularly noteworthy? A major tourist attraction in Florida is the ‘House of the Mouse’ aka Orlando.

Florida Colleges & Universities

There are quite a few large universities in Florida including the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida State University in Tallahassee , the University of Central Florida in Orlando , and the University of Miami . With Florida’s attractive in-state tuition options for students from public schools and a sunny climate, this state attracts excellent students. Each fall, thousands of students descend upon the campuses of UF and FSU to tailgate and cheer on their home teams. Feel like joining them?

Florida Colleges and Universities
University of South Florida – Florida Colleges and Universities

Moving to Florida: Retirement Options

The Florida lifestyle is popular among retirees. Many active adult communities are in Florida . There are many housing options for sale in Florida that fall well below the U.S. average home price. The fact that a number of Florida cities appear on Forbes’s Top 25 list for retirement in 2020 is no surprise. Florida has some of the most sought-after retirement destinations:

Clearwater, Florida’s Tampa Bay Area’s barrier island, is renowned for its gulf coast beaches and sunny weather. In Clearwater’s real estate market, median home price is $211,000, which falls 15% below the national median home value. Besides a strong economy and good air quality, the city also has a high density of medical practitioners per capita and a high number of hospitals in the state. When considering retirement in Florida, you ought to consider these factors. Clearwater Beach has been identified as one of the top beaches in the U.S. by TripAdvisor for the second consecutive year!

Delray Beach is a vibrant, yet intimate town. Just north of Fort Lauderdale is this vibrant, but intimate town. In comparison to the median U.S. price for a home, Delray Beach’s median home value of $205,000 is 18% lower. The city has a similar economy to Clearwater and good air quality. Also, it has an abundance of doctors per capita. Delray Beach may provide you with an easy-going lifestyle if you plan to retire in Florida.

Florida Retirement Couple
The reasonable cost of living and proximity to the beach makes Florida a desirable place to retire.

One of Florida’s best kept secrets is Palm Bay, located southeast of Orlando on the state’s Atlantic coast. A home there is valued at $178,000, that is 29% less than the national median, and it has a lower cost of living than the national average by 3%. Also, more doctors are found in Palm Bay than the national average, and the industry is growing fast. For retirees looking to stay active, Palm Bay offers a series of golf courses, nature trails, and a warm climate.

Florida Industries & Disney World

Based on Investopedia, the six largest industries of Florida are tourism, aeronautics and aerospace, international trade, agriculture and financial services. 900,000 Floridians are employed by the financial services industry alone. Florida is the location of one of the world’s most iconic theme parks. Disney in your own backyard is pretty cool, especially if you have children (or are a kid at heart). There really aren’t that many books in which the characters come to life right before your eyes.

Disney World Florida
The Walt Disney World Resort, also called Walt Disney World and Disney World, is an entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the United States, near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee.

Yes, the park is very touristy, but if you’re a local you can take advantage of it during the off-season. Plus, you wouldn’t have to pack everything into a single trip.

There is, however, something interesting going on in Florida cities like Miami, besides these traditional industries. In the midst of the industries most prominent in the city such as real estate, hospitality and tourism, a tech craze has been blossoming. Miami was recently ranked second to Chicago in terms of VC-backed startups, according to, which is impressive. The right kind of startup can offer a great opportunity for young professionals who wish to get a wealth of experience in their careers. AngelList is a highly recommended site if startups are something you’re interested in.

Conclusion: It’s Time to Move to Florida

Let’s face it, after writing this article in full, we must say that we are pretty pro-Florida. The booming economy, the weather and the possibility of finding an affordable place to live in Florida are among the reasons why we think that Florida could be the perfect spot for your next move.

We are your go-to people if you need help moving to Florida. Just so it is crystal clear, we mean call our long distance moving company at (855) 715-6683.

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